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8 thoughts on “Important:

  1. wow, after maybe 2 years only of following you, I only discover now that I can comment. Well, better late than never, I guess. I just wanted to say that the progress you made since the very beginning is so incredibly huge ! When I first discovered you, it was “just” “HK project” but now, your game has a name, you got your own company ! I’m so glad to see things are evolving in a good way !
    I’m looking forward to the release, and thank you for proposing us such a game ❤


  2. Just watched your new official trailer today. Wow! What a progress you made with your cat animations! I LOVE IT (I have 3 cats, so I know them 😉 )
    Really looking forward to your game! 100% buy of course. (PS5)


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