Senior Gameplay Programmer (UE4)

Senior Gameplay Programmer (UE4)

Pour la fin du développement de Stray nous recherchons un ou une Senior Gameplay Programmer sur Unreal Engine 4.
En collaboration avec le lead GPP et le reste de l’équipe, votre rôle sera de finaliser, debugger et optimiser différentes features de gameplay (3C, IA, Interface, GPE, …).

Profil :

  • Maîtrise avancée des principes du C++ et de l’Unreal Engine 4.
  • Excellente sensibilité gameplay, capable de projeter le résultat de son travail dans l’expérience de jeu finale.
  • Bonnes capacités de communication : capable de parler proactivement de son travail, aussi bien à des programmeurs qu’à des profanes.
  • Ouvert à la critique de son travail et de celui des autres.
  • Être autonome, curieux, polyvalent et proactif.

Poste à temps plein à distance.

A fournir : CV et tout ce qui peut appuyer votre candidature (Portfolio, linkedin, démo, vidéo, …)

Merci d’envoyer votre candidature à


Senior Gameplay Programmer (UE4)

For the end of the development of Stray we are looking for a Senior Gameplay Programmer on Unreal Engine 4.
In collaboration with the Technical Director and the rest of the team, your role will be to finalize, debug and optimize various gameplay features (Controls, AI, UI, Gameplay elements, …).

Profile :

  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of the C++ principles and of Unreal Engine 4.
  • Excellent gameplay sensitivity, capable of projecting the result of his/her work in the final game experience.
  • Great communication skills: capable of talking proactively about his/her work, to programmers as well as non technical persons.
  • Open to criticism of his/her work as well as others.
  • Autonomous, curious, versatile and proactive.

The position is remote work and full time.

Please provide : CV and anything that can demonstrate your skills (Portfolio, linkedin, demo, video, …)

Please send your application to

20 thoughts on “Senior Gameplay Programmer (UE4)

  1. I was wondering if you guys needed/ wanted voices for some of the npc’s that the cats will be walking around I will definitely be okay with trying out for it. I don’t want any money I’ve always been interested in voicing characters.


  2. This is looking to be an incredible game and something to really get your claws into. One hope I have is that it doesn’t devolve into needing any foul or bad language to “sell” the game – it really wouldn’t add anything. Here’s hoping you find someone suitable for the role very soon and this gets published and promoted and does really well for you 🙂 I can’t wait to play!


  3. If want spanish latin voice, I do it for free, NPC need voices, I’m so excited for it to come out, if they port it to switch, I’ll buy it twice, on steam and Nintendo Switch


  4. Hi. I wanted you to know that you haven’t fixed an error. When I launch the game it gives an error: Fatal Error. I can fix this by copying d3d11 and dxgi files into the Win64 folder of the game. But when I launch the game after that a different error pops up: A dx 11_0 and Shader Model 5.0 supported GPU is needed to launch the game, but I already have a GPU that supports DX 11 and SM 5.0. So, I hope you’ll fix this, soon. If you are working on this error, just please let me know are you.


  5. Didn’t know where to report it, just wanted to let you know the “scratch” achievement in chapter 10 still doesn’t register on keyboard in the latest patch


    • I thought it was broken still when I was playing it through. Are you just going right up to the record player and trying to scratch it? There’s more to it than that. There’s something else that glitches out that makes it not work. Don’t know if you know what that is. If you want I can tell you. Don’t want to ruin your play through though.


  6. Tried to reply back a few times. Not working. Hopefully will this time. There is a vinyl record you have to pick up on a table and put it on the record player first. First time through it clipped down into the table. Only saw a circle that something could be picked up, but didn’t know what. Reloaded the save and the the vinyl record re-appeared.


  7. Possibly not the right place but I couldn’t find a place to comment so here goes; Stray is the most enjoyable game I’ve played. hopefully you get lots of great response and commission a sequel. There must be enough scope in the newly opened world. 10/10

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  8. Please dear developers, let publish the soundtrack to the Stray game on CD and/or LP (I’ll be one of its first buyers!) – awesome game awesome music awesome achievement!


  9. Hi, I found a bug in the game. When I have killed almost every Zurk for Doc, B12 starts talking phew that was close. By talking I am then not able to use the weapon and the game crushes saying it is a fatal error.


  10. Congratulations!!!! This game is honestly a love sonata for gaming!!! I was so happy to see stray gain recognition in tonight’s awards!!! And win for best indie game!!! Thank you for this videogame is pure gold!!!!


  11. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE a sequel I want more and I am not alone Please WE will pay we will do what ever it takes please just give us more of the purrfect cat and the amazing story and game


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