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11 thoughts on “Important:

  1. wow, after maybe 2 years only of following you, I only discover now that I can comment. Well, better late than never, I guess. I just wanted to say that the progress you made since the very beginning is so incredibly huge ! When I first discovered you, it was “just” “HK project” but now, your game has a name, you got your own company ! I’m so glad to see things are evolving in a good way !
    I’m looking forward to the release, and thank you for proposing us such a game ❤


  2. Just watched your new official trailer today. Wow! What a progress you made with your cat animations! I LOVE IT (I have 3 cats, so I know them 😉 )
    Really looking forward to your game! 100% buy of course. (PS5)


  3. Congratulations to you all on the release date for 19th July after state of play last night. Really excited to see all the hard work you’ve all been doing for so many years now. Thank you for bringing us Stray.


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