Quick update

It’s still very rough right now, but after 14450221 iterations on the jump and fall detection, we’ve managed to have something that works (well . . . most of the time).

Some gameplay work in progress

Hey guys !

It’s been long time since the last update so here it is :

We’ve been pretty busy on working on the cat behaviour.
This took us a lot of time because we had to learn how all the gameplay/animation thing works.

I have spent a lot of time to have correct collision for the cat. Seeing that the character controller in unreal 4 is mainly for biped, there was a lot to do to have the cat collided with the world without his head passes through walls or to have it walking on small surfaces without falling (it maybe seems easy but for me it was a real headache).

So here’s 2 quick videos showing some progress on the cat behaviour (Keep in mind that it’s really wip).


The “air conditioning stairs” 🙂


It’s alive !

Hello folks,

First of all, thanks to all of you following us !

So, after one month being in our comfort zone doing environment graphics and searching some smart pipelines for a crew of two guys (the Substance/UE4 combo is awesome), we decide to work on stuff we never done before, like animation and gameplay “programming” (thanks to blueprint).

Here’s a quick glimpse of the cat making his first steps !


First step !

Meow and welcome to the HK devblog.

We are happy to announce that we are working on HK, a cat adventure videogame.
Here is the first picture, captured in Unreal Engine 4.