It’s alive !

Hello folks,

First of all, thanks to all of you following us !

So, after one month being in our comfort zone doing environment graphics and searching some smart pipelines for a crew of two guys (the Substance/UE4 combo is awesome), we decide to work on stuff we never done before, like animation and gameplay “programming” (thanks to blueprint).

Here’s a quick glimpse of the cat making his first steps !


57 thoughts on “It’s alive !

  1. When I saw STRAY, me and my brother were wondering if it was “that game where you were a cat in Hong Kong”. We were really excited by the concept, and I’m so happy to see the game is one and the same!!!


  2. I am happy to here that you guys are still around und working on this awesome idea., i can’t wait to see it on my pc working. Anyway I know that is at least 2 years away, so take your time and be awesome


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