It’s alive !

Hello folks,

First of all, thanks to all of you following us !

So, after one month being in our comfort zone doing environment graphics and searching some smart pipelines for a crew of two guys (the Substance/UE4 combo is awesome), we decide to work on stuff we never done before, like animation and gameplay “programming” (thanks to blueprint).

Here’s a quick glimpse of the cat making his first steps !


55 thoughts on “It’s alive !

  1. Pretty cool 🙂 Remind me of a student project I worked on a few years ago (, feels cheap compared with you guys ;p) We made it with UE3 though, without any documentation… Would be neat to talk with you if you’re keen. I’d like to see what constraints you’re struggling with and if you’d like a hand

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  2. Things to make the game more potent…
    9 lives, different cats, speed & feel, cats go tearing ass(running fast) and hooking tight turns like the indy 500. Skills, selectable skill points, safe places. Wolloon is a big city with lots of people, and most people love cats and some don’t, make the nice people let you use there home to eat and be safe and save. Fighting and conclusions, evil Chinese cooks that try to kill you add button mash scenes if the grab you to scratch and wriggle free. Fight other evil cats shown by the red of their eyes! No talking cats, throw some mrows and text, cats love bugs to hit and banter them around add some bugs, maybe one to act as a guide a cricket with long antenna to guide you. Jumping, climbing, running need to feel good if it doesn’t then people will bitch. Cats squeeze into impossible spaces very important for hiding and staying out of sight, you never see a stay cat for long till they go run off or up inside the wheel well of a car. Cats are vocal both for good and bad. I want to be able to hear my Feline freak out to intimidate my enemies and foes. Hair standing up growling, hissing, tail all fluffy like a big furry pinecone the whole 9 yards. You can do a ton with this game be patient no one is asking for a shitty early release.


    • My personal opinion is not to follow this advice..

      You do not want the game to become a cheap Grand Theft Auto ripoff and angry Chinese cooks eating cats sounds horrendously racist. Personally I think human should be fairly subsidiary part of the game.
      Evil and good cats sounds kind of hollywood shtick that just sounds a bit naf, you can tell a good story without reducing characters into 2D versions of good and evil.

      I do like this persons enthusiasm regarding the physics that the cat offers. It would certainly be cool running around a city jumping climbing with the cat’s agility.

      Of course just one person’s opinions though


    • Was about to rant about Chinese people not eating cats. But apparently they do in Hong Kong…

      There are a lot of old legends about cats being spiritual beings etc. in the rest of the country so I assumed people wouldn’t eat them but guess I was wrong…


  3. This is amazing! I am working on an architecture project for my 4th year in architecture school explicitly with this site in mind, on the cusp of its demolition. I would love to get in contact with you to speak more about your resources, and the work you are doing to make this game. I am hoping on making a video game myself as a walkthrough the augmented city I will propose for my final.
    Please get in touch!


  4. If you do decide to make fighting, hiding, etc. I humbly request that you make a mode for those of us that would like to just wander around the environment maybe solving some puzzles. More than anything I love the simple games like Journey that invite the user to wander and explore. Thank you and it look amazing.


  5. First impression is that this is beautiful. After watching a few times I noticed that the cat seems to be dragged along the path of a continuously moving point. Unless scared/startled, cats don’t change direction immediately, rather they pause and reassess before taking their new course.Perhaps add some hesitation or sense of momentum to the cat’s change in direction.


    • Also, if the cat is going to be a jumping cat, let there be some hesitation before jumps to higher levels. For very high jumps, make the cat’s legs do that “winding up” thing that they do before exploding up to a much higher level. Maybe sometimes they only hook their front legs and scrabble with back legs before attaining their goal or falling back down..


  6. I shall follow this to the end of time, and when it comes out – all of my time remaining time will be devoted to this. Just imagine if it was used with some type of VR! :O Heaven! So excited!


  7. I would love to play this game my dream is finally coming true ! Plz tell me the name of it ! So I can be ready to get it, and one more question only for PC ? Or coming out for Systems also ??


  8. I love the idea & the design! The world looks amazing and you can play as a cat, what more could you want 😀 I wish you the best of luck in completing this project, can’t wait to play it.


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