First step !

Meow and welcome to the HK devblog.

We are happy to announce that we are working on HK, a cat adventure videogame.
Here is the first picture, captured in Unreal Engine 4.


38 thoughts on “First step !

    • Very funny. That’s like comparing games that put you in the perspective of a human to other games with an entirely different premise that also put you into the perspective of a human. Nice try.


  1. When I first heard of this game, just two years ago, little did I know this project dates back to 2015!
    I’m really amazed on how far you guys managed to go!

    I can’t thank you enough for the experience of playing this game and there’s no words to congrat you guys on this amazing work!

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    • Great to see activity again here. It’s easily my favourite project and game hands down really hope the Devs can see how much their project has meant to us no matter when you heard about HK project/Stray. We really loved this concept day one and many of us have longed for more people to come here and express their love for the game and story telling.

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