87 thoughts on “Another graphic test

  1. Love your game, I will have to have it when your finished. I have a suggestion from my cats behaviors. While stopped, have your cat lick himself. My boys do it ALL the time at random intervals for apparently no reason.

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  2. Hey! Nice idea! If you need help with modelling I will be happy to help for free. I am working in Autodesk Maya. also I am strong in Havok Physical Engine. Write me via E-mail, if you need any assistance.


  3. I have always hoped for a game like this! I am ready to wait whatever amount of years is necessary for this game to be finished and released 🙂 Looks awesome!!


  4. This game looks so amazing, the graphics are already blowing me away. I am so excited to see what you guys come up with these next few years while you’re developing it!!!


  5. This game looks so awesome! I am sure you are having a lot of fun putting it together. I will be looking forward to the release! Good luck and I hope things go smoothly for you!


  6. Im a game dev myself, just goggeld devblog and randomly clicked on this.
    I absolutly love it from the very first second, which nearly never happens.
    You should go on kickstarter/9gag! Im pretty sure u will get hyped 🙂

    Which engine do you use?

    Keep up your work meow


    • You have the photo realistic textures down to a science. And the lighting is organised. Very well illuminated scenes. Well thought of level design and use of consistent modular assets. Oh- and that your a cat, very clever. My friend pointed out something, so I have one question. Are the cat’s movement exaggerated for the style of gameplay?


  7. This is exactly the world I’m looking for. I love cats and cyberpunk. I can wait as long as necessary. I’ll pay whatever it costs. Thank you for making this.


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