84 thoughts on “Another graphic test

  1. Love your game, I will have to have it when your finished. I have a suggestion from my cats behaviors. While stopped, have your cat lick himself. My boys do it ALL the time at random intervals for apparently no reason.


  2. Hey! Nice idea! If you need help with modelling I will be happy to help for free. I am working in Autodesk Maya. also I am strong in Havok Physical Engine. Write me via E-mail, if you need any assistance.


  3. I have always hoped for a game like this! I am ready to wait whatever amount of years is necessary for this game to be finished and released🙂 Looks awesome!!


  4. This game looks so amazing, the graphics are already blowing me away. I am so excited to see what you guys come up with these next few years while you’re developing it!!!


  5. This game looks so awesome! I am sure you are having a lot of fun putting it together. I will be looking forward to the release! Good luck and I hope things go smoothly for you!


  6. Im a game dev myself, just goggeld devblog and randomly clicked on this.
    I absolutly love it from the very first second, which nearly never happens.
    You should go on kickstarter/9gag! Im pretty sure u will get hyped🙂

    Which engine do you use?

    Keep up your work meow


    • You have the photo realistic textures down to a science. And the lighting is organised. Very well illuminated scenes. Well thought of level design and use of consistent modular assets. Oh- and that your a cat, very clever. My friend pointed out something, so I have one question. Are the cat’s movement exaggerated for the style of gameplay?


  7. This is exactly the world I’m looking for. I love cats and cyberpunk. I can wait as long as necessary. I’ll pay whatever it costs. Thank you for making this.


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