Thank meow all !


We would like to thank everyone for your kind words and support !


Here is a quick Q/A for some questions you asked the most.

-Why don’t you post updates more often ?
-> Our team is composed of two humans and two cats, unfortunately one of these cat is responsable of the communication.

-Platform release ?
-> PC and maybe PS4/Xbox1/CPC6128/Atari2600/…

-When can I play this game ?
-> Not soon, we are still at the very beginning of the creation process (preprod / R&D). We need few more years to make what we want.

-Early access ?
-> Nope.

-Is it a dynamic procedural systemic survival open world (etc…) game ?
-> Nope.

-Game genre ?
-> A third person solo adventure game.

-At what period the game take place ?
-> In an indefinite period.

-Are you recreacting Kowloon Walled City ?
-> KWC is one of our main inspiration, but we want to create our very own unique dystopian city.

-Is there a newsletter to be notified when there is an update ?
-> The best way to have news is to follow us on twitter/facebook/devblog

-Where is the donate button ? How can I help ?
-> Supporting us with comments and virtual hugs is actually a big boost for us.

-Where are you from ? Hong Kong ?
-> South of France !

122 thoughts on “Thank meow all !

  1. *large virtual hug* I can’t wait, but I realize I must. It leaves me with a dilemma – I want to dream of these sequences, but also to forget all about it, so I can, one day, be wonderfully surprised as I find the game again. I will try to do both. 😉 May you have a smooth and joyful production ahead of you.


  2. I saw one of your latest gifs and thought; “Oh cool, a really really high quality cat movie is being made. The animation and environments are so good.” Took me longer than I’m willing to admit to realize that its a game. Holy crap, here take all my hugs, and my money. Ill give you a giant plushy hugging robot along with my wallet.


  3. Sending virtual hugs for the hoomans and scratches for the kittuhs… but just enough before they bite. >^_^< Excited to watch your progress and look forward to your success!


  4. Just found out about this game concept, I think the idea of being able to old school prince of persia my way around a crazy city scape as a cat is amazing. Put some cool platforming, puzzles, and artwork in there and this could be a really fun and thought provoking game. I’m on board.


  5. Fantastic work so far. Hope to see a release soon. Living in Hong Kong I can tell you you captured the atmosphere perfectly and it looks exactly like dark alleys we have over here (except for the androids and what seems to be a remote controlled cat… which I am sure we will have soon). Keep up the great work!


  6. I’ve been humming “Everybody wants to be a cat” from The Aristocats reading this. What a wonderful, clever game idea! I’m really looking forward to seeing this grow. And then to playing it!

    Big virtual hugs from San Francisco!


  7. I absolutely love the idea of the game, the test sequences are ver promising! Keep going! If there is any way I can help, just let me know! I could bring in 6 more cats 😉


  8. You REALLY need to get like a Patreon or Paypal or something… a Gofundme even… People literally WANT to throw money your way and you’re all like “nty, happy thoughts can sustain us :)” Well happy thoughts don’t pay the bills hon, and we’d all hate to see this shelved ‘cuz y’all got burnt out, you included I’m sure.

    The happy thoughts will come regardless, just please, give us a venue through which to send funds your way 🙂


  9. Hmmm, this is quite the interesting concept and I am looking forward to playing it. I found a bit of info on it from a site called funnyjunk, looks good.


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