Thank meow all !


We would like to thank everyone for your kind words and support !


Here is a quick Q/A for some questions you asked the most.

-Why don’t you post updates more often ?
-> Our team is composed of two humans and two cats, unfortunately one of these cat is responsable of the communication.

-Platform release ?
-> PC and maybe PS4/Xbox1/CPC6128/Atari2600/…

-When can I play this game ?
-> Not soon, we are still at the very beginning of the creation process (preprod / R&D). We need few more years to make what we want.

-Early access ?
-> Nope.

-Is it a dynamic procedural systemic survival open world (etc…) game ?
-> Nope.

-Game genre ?
-> A third person solo adventure game.

-At what period the game take place ?
-> In an indefinite period.

-Are you recreacting Kowloon Walled City ?
-> KWC is one of our main inspiration, but we want to create our very own unique dystopian city.

-Is there a newsletter to be notified when there is an update ?
-> The best way to have news is to follow us on twitter/facebook/devblog

-Where is the donate button ? How can I help ?
-> Supporting us with comments and virtual hugs is actually a big boost for us.

-Where are you from ? Hong Kong ?
-> South of France !

122 thoughts on “Thank meow all !

  1. This project is stunning and I’d love to be involved or contribute in some way. If comments are what you need, comments are what you get!

    Love the feelings I’m getting so far from the visuals and the cat motion. So much potential here and so beautiful already. Keep up the good work guys!


  2. Wait what south of France?!

    Bon courage pour votre projet ! Le peu que j’en ai vu a attiré ma curiosité et je me demande ce que ça donnera à l’arrivée. En tout cas c’est très prometteur ! 🙂


  3. Hey Un jeu sur HK? J’y jouerais. Avec un chat? J’y jouerais jusqu’a ce que mes doigts saignent!!!
    Bon courage d’un français de Shanghai! Si je fais tourner l’info? Bien sur!!!

    I wish you guys the very best of luck! I wish I could already play!!!
    Are you guys gonna release any Alfa/Beta of the game?
    Anyway I’ll keep an eye on you.



  4. Your game looks extremily interesting and I belive you can achive something stunning here. If you ever need somone who has been a beta and bug-tester before I would happily lend a hand to your project.


  5. I need this in my life. 9gag brought me here and I’m really happy to see something like this being developed. I wish the best for you guys, keep it up!

    From a fellow ailurophile. ❤


  6. Someone just forwarded me a link to your blog (and the Kotaku article).. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Thank you for making a game about cats, for cats – I am so incredibly beyond excited! I don’t know why there aren’t more games like this but one of my favorite games when I was a little kid was about being a cat climbing its way up a building (and playing little mini-games in the various windows) and since then dogs get all the game-love. I so can’t wait to see what you do with this!

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  7. I am curious on what you are suposed to do. if you just explore the whole time, I don’t think I will buy it, but when you also add objectives, or a survival element, I would be really happy


  8. Make it VR capable and I’ll buy you donuts. And not shitty Dunkin Donuts, like legit grocery store bakery donuts. (grocery store bakeries, you da real MVP)


  9. I will buy this so hard, in whatever incarnation it ends up in. This is a great vehicle for story exploration, and an amazing setting, from the looks of it. Make it good, please. ❤ love and kitty pets.


  10. This project looks really cool! You have a little black cat and it’s pair of humans eager to play the game. Will there possibly be an option to pick the cat’s color?
    If you guys want any writing/editing help, send me an email! I’d be glad to help as a pro Copywriter!


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