Some gameplay work in progress

Hey guys !

It’s been long time since the last update so here it is :

We’ve been pretty busy on working on the cat behaviour.
This took us a lot of time because we had to learn how all the gameplay/animation thing works.

I have spent a lot of time to have correct collision for the cat. Seeing that the character controller in unreal 4 is mainly for biped, there was a lot to do to have the cat collided with the world without his head passes through walls or to have it walking on small surfaces without falling (it maybe seems easy but for me it was a real headache).

So here’s 2 quick videos showing some progress on the cat behaviour (Keep in mind that it’s really wip).


The “air conditioning stairs” ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “Some gameplay work in progress

  1. This game looks amazing. I love your work on YouTube Koola and I really want to see how this game comes along. Because of your work on YouTube, I want to learn how to use UE4. I just get so happy when I see you post a new video on YT. Keep up the good work! It looks very promising.


  2. Love the concept – great to see some dev-blog stuff.

    One thought – It may not always fit into the user necessity to platform quickly, but cats generally like to stop, pause, and look before they jump up… like for a second or two. It looks a little unnatural to have the cats instantly jump up. Perhaps you can have that happen for big, or important platform transitions, to make it dramatic and give impact to the player.

    Keep it up!


  3. This looks amazing, really nice work! Understood this is all still in development but, like some other commenters, after watching for a couple of minutes it occurred to me that the way the cat jumps to different surfaces could be explored further. Perhaps a big jump from low to high should require a “charging-up” action where the cat builds tension in its legs and back before the action. Also, when jumping down from a platform cats will sometimes lead off of the edge with their front paws a bit before launching. Anyway, this has clearly sparked my interest and I will be watching your progress with my credit card at the ready, keep up the great work!


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