Here is a message from our new community manager Oscar: “Mrrrooowwww…. Meow!”
Which means: “We are not dead! Just super focused on the game! We will post updates again when we feel we’re ready. Thanks a lot for your heartwarming support everyone!”

24 thoughts on “Meownews!

  1. Am anxiously awaiting delivery… as an indie game dev myself I have been watching your progress for at least 2 years and am patiently awaiting more news…
    Michael Hickman
    Hitman Game syndicate


  2. Love your game but the Defluxor problem is a real bummer. It doesn’t appear at that initial fence. And I’ve seen that it’s been an issue for months. Apparently restarting the chapter doesn’t even work all the time – and you lose all inventory.

    Please address this asap. Thanks.


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