Meownews !



It is finally time for us to communicate a bit with you who, thanks from the bottom of our hearts, show interest in our project.

“HK_Project” is more than ever under development!

We took the necessary time to do things properly; two years ago it was only the two of us dreaming and prototyping this project in our apartment.

We are thrilled to announce that, since the funding, we have created our own company called “BlueTwelve Studio” and that we are now a team of 5 people working on this project in an actual office!

“HK_Project” (working title) is well under way, we still have a few years of development ahead of us but it is definitely coming.

Thank you so much for the support you all keep giving to us!


Koola & Viv,

…or BlueTwelve Team from now on!



Meow !!

Il est enfin temps de communiquer un petit peu avec vous qui, merci du fond du cœur, portez attention à notre projet.

“Hk_project” est plus que jamais en cours de développement !

Nous avons pris le temps nécessaire pour faire les choses correctement; il y a deux ans nous n’étions encore que deux à imaginer et prototyper ce projet dans notre appartement.

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que depuis le financement du projet nous avons créé notre propre société “BlueTwelve Studio” et que nous sommes désormais 5 à travailler sur ce projet dans de vrais locaux.

“Hk_Project” (titre provisoire) est sur de bons rails, nous avons encore quelques années de développement devant nous mais le jeu verra bien le jour.

Merci à vous tous pour le soutien que vous continuez de nous apporter !


Koola & Viv,

Dorénavant… BlueTwelve Team !



79 thoughts on “Meownews !

  1. They haven’t tweeted since 2017
    The lead developer has a profile website which has his email on it and contact info if anyone wants to see if they will respond to updates on the project. Dug up on Blue Twelves linked-in to see if I could remedy the lack of updates.

    Lead devs site:

    -Their senior designer has been on the team since July 2018 apparently.

    -One of their 3D artist was hired on September 2018

    -Their senior programmer for gameplay was hired in December of 2018, which seems to the be the latest activity available online. ttps://


  2. Bonjour la team de blue twelve studio ! J’attends votre jeu “chatoyant” avec forte impatience depuis les premiers screens sur le Web. J’espère que vous pourrez le sortir en physique. Vivement sa sortie que je fonce chez mon revendeur préféré et me faire plaisir avec votre jeu original,sympathique et 100% français 😁.


  3. Hi guys! I just found out about your game in a YouTube video. I really liked the idea of the game and the gameplay! Please don’t stop developing the game! The game is very cool! I look forward to the appearance of the game in the store (not only in digital format)!


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