35 thoughts on “Hallway … in motion

  1. I’m more excited for this than practically all of the AAA games that I’m excited for. Can’t wait to see more from you all! Keep up the phenomenal work!


  2. Is there any news letter for this project? I’m super interested but also super forgetful and I’m afraid I’ll close the tab and forget about this.


    • You can subscribe to this blog and you will be emailed with updates. That’s what I did. I really, REALLY, don’t want to miss out on this whenever it is done!


    • Well, for one thing you could simply add it to your favs (ctrl + D // cmd + D on a mac).
      The other possibility is to subscribe to the RSS feed and you’ll be recieve notifications whenever they post something. To do that just add an RSS feed extension to your browser (if you have chrome look for “RSS feed reader”, I think it exists on other browsers as well).

      Then when on the home page of the website, simply click on the icon (a “+” should have appeared on it) and add the feed 😉


  3. Lovely. I’m going to follow this game like a cat after a laser light (and post about it on my site shortly). Here’s some inspiration for you:

    Kowloon’s Gate was a big-deal (for the time) 4-disc PS1 game from Japan we never saw here in the US. I always thought (after acquiring a copy in that beautiful case with the hardcover art book) that SCEA passed on it (and all the hard work that went into it!) because they thought a little (and even more expensive to make) game called Final Fantasy VII would sell better worldwide that this oddball gem with gorgeous pre-rendered visuals, somewhat plain dungeons and feng shui-based combat would.


  4. This game looks astounding. I’m so excited for this, I really hope it comes to a platform I own. We don’t have enough really good 3D-platformers coming out right now. Looks super awesome!


  5. Hello, I’m amazed how well everything looks. Great job! I would like to extend my help as a QA to make sure your game runs smooth as possible. I’ll do it for free. I have 10+ working years in the gaming industry.


  6. I had a few ideas for game play mechanics you may or may not be interested in adding to the game. Not sure how feasible these would be for you to add, but I felt I should share them with you.

    1) Since cat’s sleep so much throughout the day, have an energy bar that slowly depletes as your cat moves around the city, the more intensive actions would drain it faster, until your cat would just stop where it was and take a quick nap to regain its energy.
    2) Since cat’s have fewer color receptors than humans, you might be able to save on animation costs a little bit by making the colors slightly less than what people would see, but add colors back via scents the cat can smell being visible by a band of color, and if you go up to the color cloud and press a button then you can get information about the environments and what passed through there recently.


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