Quick update

It’s still very rough right now, but after 14450221 iterations on the jump and fall detection, we’ve managed to have something that works (well . . . most of the time).

31 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Looks great. Only feedback I’d give is the tail rises a bit fast after the cat jumps up, sometimes the turning looks a bit strange, I think it’s when the cat’s not going forwards, e.g. 0:07 & 0:29 (although I know this is often nicer to control as a player) and personally I prefer the black cat :P… Customisable cats? 😀


    • hey ! thanks for the feedback, its a pain, i’ve never animated a thing before, you absolutely right about the dirty rotation when he’s not going forwards, we’ve got to solve that.
      And yes, you should be able to play with a custom cat! MEOW !!!!

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      • Thanks for replying, I’m glad you didn’t take offense to my criticism, its still infinitely better than I can do 😛 I downloaded the snow scene koola showed yesterday and it ran so smoothly! I’m sure this is going to be one of the best looking games ever 😀


  2. Wowwww. Just learned about this game today and it’s already one of my ‘most anticipated games.’ Lookin good! I know it’s wayyy too early in the process, but are you guys planning any gameplay besides exploring/platforming? Is there a goal/storyline or will it just be a beautiful-looking exploring game? I already have thoughts of things like ‘hiding by a windowsill and eavesdropping to obtain some clue on how to progress’ or something. Or like a way of hurrying the player along a path could be being chased by another cat or dog, or other such animal, or fall damage which can be regenerated by finding food in the trash or hunting mice/rats…

    Of course, you probably have your own direction for the game, and it’ll be awesome… I just like speculating. XD


  3. No, January is the last time for an update? This game, especially the screenshot in the city, looked amazing before. I feel like this game is going to be great. I hope you do more updates, and more often! This is very promising, and I will be checking back when I can!


  4. Just heard about this from reddit and I can tell you I want it. Specially if you havea character / cat building setup, so we can pick color, hair length if any (i.e. sphinx) and breed.


  5. Hey,
    Stumbled upon this today,and i must say this is pretty exciting.I like the concept.

    But there’s something bothering me:we don’t know much about what this is.
    I mean,excepted the fact that it will be an exploration game set in H.K. with a cat as avatar,we have no info about anything else.
    I believe it’s important to know at least what game this will/could be and also,who the dev(s) are.
    So i’d recommend you post something about what your objectives are or do a FAQ.
    Here’s a list of what i consider as important to know:

    -What is the game? What will be the genre? Will there be any objective(s) or a quest/story? What will be the economic model (f2p,pay once,…)? Will it have multiplayer feature? On what support will this game be played? Steam release? Will there be in-game character progression (levelling,…) ?

    -Who is the dev or the develloping team? Knowing who you “work” with establishes confidence.Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to stalk you 😀

    -Are you planning on kickstarting the game or set up any ways of supporting you economically?

    -Ask other people what they’d like to know.

    I hope it doesn’t look rude,i don’t want to be rude towards you.
    I also really don’t want to force or urge you to do such a thing.
    I’d just like to help.

    PS1: Sorry for awfull presentation,i can’t write in proper english on computers for some reasons. 😀


  6. This is beautiful 😀
    no matter what you do please don’t leave this game unfinished, take your time and finish it and i will for sure buy the shit out of it when it’s done, this is one of the first times i feel so excited about something like this!


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